KeySmart Luminoso 12 Sin existencias

Más pequeño que un paquete de goma de mascar

(Incluye argolla para colocar las llaves del auto)

KeySmart™ Bright
(+$9.99 USD)
Nano Pluma
(+$14.99 USD)
Nano Pen
Sujetador de bolsillo
(+$4.99 USD)
Pocket Clip
Retirado Rápido
(+$4.49 USD)
Quick Disconnect
(+$12.49 USD)
USB 3.0 16GB
(+$25.00 USD)
Accessories - +USB
USB 3.0 16GB
(+$39.00 USD)
Accessories - +USB
USB 3.0 16GB
(+$70.00 USD)
Accessories - +USB
USB 3.0 16GB
(+$99.00 USD)
Accessories - +USB

¿Alguna vez has luchado por encontrar la cerradura en una puerta oscura? El KeySmart Luminoso te da rápido acceso a una linterna, ¡para que puedas usar tus llaves fácilmente en la oscuridad! El diseño universal acomoda tus llaves existentes y la argolla permite que coloques tus llaves del auto. El ensamblaje es fácil y rápido y no requiere herramientas.

  • La Luz LED ilumina las puertas oscuras para que puedas encontrar la cerradura

  • Protege tus bolsillos al hacer que tus llaves sean compactas, silenciosas y cómodas

  • Puede contener hasta 10 de tus llaves existentes

  • Incluye la argolla de metal para enganchar tus llaves

+ Características
- Su tamaño compacto es más pequeño que un paquete de goma de mascar
- Fácil de montar, no se requieren herramientas
- Compatible con muchos accesorios útiles
+ Materiales
- Placa de la linterna: Plástico de policarbonato a prueba de rasguños y arañazos
- Placa posterior: Aluminio grado aviación
- Hardware de acero inoxidable
- Logotipo grabado con láser
- Argolla pulida para los llaveros de los autos
+ Preguntas Frecuentes
P: ¿Cuánto dura la batería del KeySmart Luminoso?
R: El KeySmart Luminoso puede durar hasta un año.
P: ¿Pueden caber mis llaves?
R: El KeySmart puede contener todas las llaves planas de hasta 2.5”

P: ¿La argolla ocupa espacio en el KeySmart?
R: Sí, la argolla ocupa el espacio de una llave en el llavero.

P: ¿Hacen envíos internacionales?
R: Claro que sí. ¡Hemos hecho envíos exitosos a más de 122 países!

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Gregory P.
United States

I like it

It's taken a bit of getting used to, especially with small keys. I wish the light was brighter, covered more area, and had a user replaceable battery. If I were to buy another Key Smart I would just get the original one and attach a small light to it. Just because I'm picky doesn't mean I'm not happy. It does the job it advertises to do, but for the money I think it could be better.

Samantha A.
United States

Husband loves it

I was intrigued by this product because my husband hates carry around a ring of keys. I think the price point is good for the quality. It was a little bit cumbersome to assemble and required the two of us to put it together but after a few weeks of carrying his keys this way he still mentions how much nicer it is to have it all so compact and the flashlight is great for finding the locks at night

Daniel E.
United Kingdom

Piece of rubbish - complete waste of money

These items are terrible, far too fiddly to use and not in the slightest convenience. Worst item I have ever purchased and angry I have wasted my money

Beth W.
United States

Love these

I love this even more than the original one I bought and gave several as presents. I also bought the tile one and love that even more. I highly recommend all of these products just chose whichever one you think fits your need and you will be very happy.

Gerald M.
United States

What It Could Have Been

I was excited when I received myKeySmart Briight only to discover it was not. What I received did not have the LED light so I immediately sent an email. I’m still waiting for a response. I called and have not heared back. I love the idea but the customer service leaves a little to be desired. I wonder what could have been it I had received the correct product or a response?

Joseph H.
United States

Vast Improvement

I used the original KeySmart for several years and mostly liked it. It was great to have my keys not jingling all the time and making a large, bulky mess in my pocket, but it was also really bad about the screws loosening over time (and not much, sometimes from the morning to the end of the day), leading to it all just coming apart in my pocket multiple times. I got this new (new to me, anyway) KeySmart Bright because I heard it was better about staying together and I liked the idea of having a flashlight on my keychain. This has been an exponential improvement over the original, and I have been thrilled. It's a little more difficult to assemble with keys (the thicker body of the side with the flashlight makes it harder to line everything up), but it wasn't too bad, and once everything is together it has all stayed locked tight as a charm. Wherever I set the screws is where they stay, and I have had no issue whatsoever. Very pleased with this great product!